Saturday, May 27, 2006

Project Dune restarted

I've decided to re-kickstart Project Dune using the Google Web Toolkit. This is both an opportunity to learn more about the GWT in a practical environment, possibly creating re-usable components along the way, and also finally gives me the ability to really focus on the behaviour and functionality of the QA app, like I always wanted. Coding Struts & Forms is basically so incredibly boring (copy data from here to there, configure in .xml, it's just numbing).

The project can be found here:

I'm looking for designers and developers to help out in the effort.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Google Web Toolkit

It's all over the Internet. Google published the toolkit that is useful for making AJAX enabled web applications. It generates HTML and JavaScript on the fly and you can test the web application inside a JVM during development (relying on Tomcat).

I'm convinced that this is the pre-cursor to a radical re-thought on MVC frameworks and architectures. I don't think it has ever been this simple. HTML and JS personally for me have been the most difficult things to get right. MyFaces and Struts look ancient technologies compared to what Google has done. Amazing job!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Worldbank Initiative

I just viewed the Webby awards and discovered this great initiative by the world bank. Remarkable to see an institution for that purpose being so responsible and showing such great involvement into the society (after all, they deal with money & economics, like IMF). If only the IMF were more like the World Bank and had the same insights... *sigh*

The "YouThink!" is interesting by itself. It treats a whole lot of issues that activist groups are fighting for. This is not done from the activation perspective, but more factual, scientific and "current, common knowledge".

A lot of different tests out there to get people interested. Great website.