Thursday, January 12, 2006

Progress on Patty

I've been working hard to push out an alpha 0.1 release. This is a sneak peek into what this is evolving into.

The actual GUI doesn't look particularly pretty, but the functionality is all there.

At the moment, I'm finishing up on heap analysis. The first thing I did was the ability to iterate the whole heap to analyze heap usage. Immediately thereafter I worked on the ability to trace objects that you can reach from all instances of another type of object. For example, if you are analyzing a web server application, you really want to find out what kind of objects are referenced in your HttpSession and the total size that is referenced in the instances overall. My idea is to average this out later, so you get an understanding of the average session size.

Garbage collection needs some more work for visualization.

To be able to get to alpha-1.0, I'm still verifying with runs in JBoss now. That seems to start up quite nicely at the moment, so I'll probably look at another J2EE application for download somewhere, deploy it and actually start using the thing for real now, instead of the meager test application.

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Daniel Melo said...

Well Done Gerard!! I'm looking for time to take a closer look at your project!!

see you