Monday, June 12, 2006

Holland wins against Serbia Montenegro

I've been watching the game yesterday with other Dutch people in Recife. We joined together in a local pub/restaurant with a couple of tv's, somebody brought in a cake and there were orange shirts and flags everywhere. The public was mixed Brazilian and Dutch. This event was mainly organized by the local NBSO, which is a commercial support organization (check here).

I liked the way the Dutch were playing and the whole of the World Cup so far. Things have been pretty decent up to now with seemingly no violence at all. The biggest fear for me of course, is that Holland will have to play against Brazil :). Everybody in Brazil loves football. It's very big as a sport and there's hardly anything else in the country that generates so much patriotism and emotion. Work officially lets people go home after 1500 when a Brazil match is due to start since it's hopeless anyway to get them to work seriously during a Brazil match.

In the meantime, I'm for Holland and when NL is not playing, for Brazil. When the two meet, I suppose I'll be secretly favouring Holland in their efforts. :)

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