Thursday, July 27, 2006

Peter Drucker's words...

I've just bought a book with 366 statements, one for each day in the year, which is a collection of various insights and statements from Peter Drücker. This person has written numerous texts on management and everything else it curtails.

The first two articles are already interesting. "Integrity in Leadership" and "Identifying the future".

The arguments are that management needs to have integrity in order to be able to sustain itself, or the rest of the organisation washes away. The second is the importance of not identifying what *will* happen in the future (which is ahead of its time), but identifying what is happening right now in innovation, or has happened without realizing it, so that in business you can turn this into some kind of opportunity.

Is innovation in technology subject to the same philosophy? I see enormous amounts of software come out and only a couple of them getting popular. Many are created from religiously stern beliefs that it will change the whole world.

Can't wait to read the next pages, but I set myself to only read one or two each day to allow sufficient time for reflection.

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