Monday, November 13, 2006

Telecom Billing Systems

I am reading on the main book that is refreshing my knowledge on billing systems. This book was bought on Amazon and some guy has written in quite good terms and vocabulary what a billing system really is all about without all the technical fuzz and buzz.

It is describing customer management, provisioning from other systems, the billing interfaces towards finance and fraud detection, the focus on the account as a billable entity, reconciliation, usage calculation, product charge calculation and so forth.

Well, it is going to take me some time to finish up, after which I have another book ready that is overdue (The World Is Flat) and another book that I have read from A - Z but have not sunk too much into the exercises which is an introduction to accounting.

Another thing I am doing at the moment is setting up a new experimental site that shows a menu for open source projects. Not sure where this leads at this point, could be anywhere, but it is a nice initiative to finish. That's right, I sort of started by mentioning it to someone but never got to the point of actually starting due to a lack of web server space, but I remembered that Google offered pages as well.

It's at

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