Friday, August 31, 2007

Project Dune developments

I haven't been able to post much recently due to a release being developed at work, some emails from the project team of Dune and the stewardship of a new project infrastructure for Project Dune.

You can check out the forums (phpBB) already. The wiki (mediawiki) is in development and I suspect it will be released very soon.

The project has attracted a couple of new members and is now getting ready to support itself over the following couple of months. We're adding better targets, better planning, better documentation, better milestones, better interaction with the community.

Our hosting is done by SiteGround. It's the first time I do business with them, but so far things have been fantastic. Always up and their support team responded within minutes to support requests. Absolutely awesome service, awesome packages (5000GB/month bandwidth and 500GB disk space per account) and I can certainly recommend it to others. If you do, make sure that you mention us as a reference, you will help the project out with a couple of free months of hosting.

So pretty soon the wiki comes out. We'll get all the way back to development and a regular cycle of project documentation when all is done. You should also see a couple of new (active) members on the project.

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