Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cocomo II implementation on Project Dune

As discussed in previous posts, I've been designing an approach for Cocomo II software project estimations. The implementation has already been added to Project Dune on the main branch and is destined for finalization into a new major version of the project, Project Dune 2.0.

The first step in estimation is to determine the project size:

The next step in this approach is to determine the effort multipliers. Those multipliers increase the time required to develop something linearly.

The scaling factors in the next tab increase effort exponentially, so if those end up really high, the effort required is soaring as well:

After the factors are supplied, the outcome of Cocomo II is a set of numbers. The most useful numbers at this time are listed here:

Notice in the different screenshots how the factor being manipulated is explained in the tooltip. The text in the middle is a reflection of the correct assessment of that factor.

The results show the person-months that are required to develop the project, the nominal person-months (if all scale factors and multipliers would be nominal), and the Time-To-Develop together with the number of staff required to implement the project.

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