Tuesday, August 19, 2008

AI ambience or collective web intelligence?

I've been busy a lot with some administrative things. In september classes are starting and I'm commencing with A.I. Registrations are done, just register for a couple of courses and go. There's a new direction for the next year: "Human Ambience". I had quite some interest into intelligent systems, but I do like ambient intelligence as well. I think it's really done well when you don't notice it at first, but then later go: "oh, that was actually pretty cool!".

For the rest Project Dune is trucking on as usual. I'm preparing a plan for a manager of the company I work for to possibly spend a bit of budget on getting the project a little bit further, but then with the help of the effort of some colleagues. All done open source of course. So that's exciting.

I'm also looking at perhaps providing a Java API to interface with CUDA. The objective is to make it available to Java users. Not sure how to write the "java" program and compile that for CUDA use though :).

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