Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reusable A.I.

A miscellaneous crazy thought I had today was to look into the potential of reuse for artificial intelligence algorithms or networks. Think sharing the factors, definitions, neurons... Persisted artificial neural networks, which is only possible in computers because they are determined and extractable from memory.

The different functions of sight, smell, hearing and so forth are always seen as very specific properties of a system and it's specialized after that. What would happen once the networks are interchangeable, pluggable and can start talking to one another? Even then we'll need to make decisions on which networks to support and which not to, but next to this problem, the underlying platform... the glue between the networks, could serve as a basis for connecting grid / cloud computing of A.I. networks that each serve a particular purpose.

Some very complicated problems require some heavy processing power. I strongly believe that subdividing the problem space into smaller problems, each with its own expertise and domain, can help to significantly decrease the eventual complexity and required hardware.

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