Monday, May 09, 2011

HAM license

Well, nothing to do with the picture at the left actually, but I got my HAM license. This basically means that I can, as amateur and non-commercially, use some otherwise restricted frequency bands to perform research and other experimentations. One of the reasons to look into this relates to my work/hobby of dealing with UAV's. These require stable control lines, where delays in reception or processing over one second may incur a loss of the craft and also relates to getting direct video feeds from these aircraft using transmission equipment and sophisticated antennas.

Interestingly, the uav hobby seems to be ever increasing, especially recently when there are more kits around that are affordable and where one can get a craft in the air for under $200. There are also more self-built models in the sky and people are fooling around with new and old antennas and finding ways of making them easier or less expensive to build.

I don't have my callsign yet. I may at some point acquire some tx/rx equipment and start listening on some frequencies and explore this world a bit further. About the exam: 2 questions wrong out of 40. This is not a bad score at all. One question wrong about the use of capacitors in a feed line to a loudspeaker and the other one was I think something about legislation.

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