Friday, October 14, 2011

Ocelot install

I've just installed Ocelot and ran into loads of problems. The install process crashed on me right when it was finalizing some updates, so I had to rerun a couple of dpkg configures. Ubuntu didn't even boot into X, nor the normal shell, but I managed to boot into a previous Linux kernel of natty.

The most important thing that could go wrong is probably the '/var/run' to '/run' relocation. The install script is supposed to copy contents of /var/run to /run, contents of /var/lock to '/run/lock' and then delete /var/run and /var/lock altogether and replace them by symlinks.

(i) create directories /run and /run/lock,
(ii) move contents of /var/run into /run and /var/lock into /run/lock,
(iii) delete directories /var/run and /var/lock
(iv) create replacement simlinks; e.g. 'ln -s /run /var/run' and 'ln -s /run/lock /var/lock'

Not doing this gives you problems like 'waiting 60 seconds for network...' and longer boot times, but X never starting. Before you think it's an issue with the graphics driver (which is also likely), make sure the above is correct and sorted first.

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