Monday, May 28, 2007

Congress in Porto Alegre

I've come back from Porto Alegre, where I visited a congress on business administration (export, import and business between France and Brazil). There were some good presentations and the overall event was interesting.

We actually know a couple of people from this region, my brother in law and another couple that spent some time in Cambridge, UK to work with specific professors on their topic of interest. We met with them also. It was a lot colder than Recife.

Just on the outskirts of the city is the lake and a region they call "Ipanema". I had a look at the larger park close-by, which was used to host the "International Social Forum" some years ago.

Well, there was a bit of time left in the evenings luckily, which we spent with my brother-in-law to visit some good restaurants in the area. This particular area had a good lot of serious italian restaurants that I can recommend. Another one was the "Bistro da Rua", which is also a good place to just drink a bottle of wine and chat with some friends.

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