Friday, May 18, 2007


Bit swamped at the moment, so little time to blog about anything. Will deploy a new release of Project Dune over the course of the weekend, which should include the new timesheet module. That will only be sort of Alpha-ish, since the locking functionalities won't work yet. Also, it needs a breakout class for the timesheet processor, so you can export your times reported to another system.

Well, great. We've been playing with GWT 1.4 for now. The hosted browser fixes and memory leak fixes really do help development, so you could say it really is maturing.

I'm looking forward to the suggestbox, number and dateformat classes and the Rich text editor for the document management part. Haven't had any time whatsoever to deal with HTML<->DocBook conversions though, let alone putting in place some simple templates for PDF conversions using XSL:FO.

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