Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Global Warming (An Inconvenient Truth)

I watched the (now) famous film of Al Gore yesterday. It's about global warming and the lack of human response against CO2 emissions and our pollution. I recommend watching the film and establish your own opinion. When assessing the topic with other sources, please use credible sources and not believe every article that run-of-the-mill media throws at you. There is a lot of propaganda out there that is not based on scientific results, or attempt to derail scientific results so far that are clear indications. Watch out for that!

Some companies believe that complying with gas emissions and other more rigorous standards will put them out of business due to unfair competition. Well, maybe. But that would point out that our social standards, those standards that we are looking for as consumers, need a bit of a push, plus significant consensus-building at a UN-level to establish better environmental standards worldwide. Why bicker about trade equality and so on when in a couple of years time there won't be a planet to bicker on? It's quite gullible!

What if all of this is simply untrue as some magazines try to make us believe? Bruce Schneier wrote a very interesting article on rare risk and overreactions. I'm making this point, because the investment on fighting terrorism has been very high over the past few years due to immediate emotional involvement, while global warming is a much more serious problem, but not felt as immediately needing a resolution. So, in a way it applies to this article as well:

So I highly recommend seeing Al Gore's film. I will change my ways and opinions because of it. While you're at it, watch this video too:

1992, Rio Earth Summit.... so.... what has actually happened since? Back 15 years ago, we had people that were already seriously concerned... Where are the significant changes and modifications that have taken place since then?

Even though we're adults and we think of ourselves as pretty smart in general, we ourselves still seem to act like children when it concerns the custody of this planet. This role of custodian seems to be necessarily replaced by the role of a full-time janitor. So, when do we start to clean up this mess and make sure it doesn't repeat itself?

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