Friday, February 01, 2008


Still no internet yet. I ordered this end of December and it is taking 4 weeks instead of the promised 2 weeks. At least the connection is confirmed working. As soon as I get the modem, I can start putting things in place.

Yesterday I picked up my car, a Honda Civic Hybrid. You'll see a lot of these in Holland because of two tax cuts (a steep discount on the catalogue value when you buy and other discounts on a monthly basis that is the reduction on lease price). Cars are heavily taxed in Holland nowadays. When you buy one, you may actually pay some 40% of taxes on top of the selling value. What they don't really tell you is that when the taxes are determined on the monthly basis, they don't use the value "out-of-factory", but use the value with the taxes applied. So you pay tax-on-tax basically. Anyway, I don't have too much of that.

I'll be doing a CISSP course soon, the book arrived. It's huge, 1100 pages on general computer security. That includes everything basically, including physical security and so on. That's a good investment to do.

There's a team that does business development at Sogeti with regards to security. I'm part of the architects that find entry-points there. I'll be more of a focus from IT risk management / security considerations and how this applies to architecture. This also includes reading books on SOX, reading general books on IT security management, the CISSP book and finally some insights from the insurance industry (risk management) for some theories and models I am developing. Eventually it won't just be theory of course, I'll need to convert it into practical methods and examples and perhaps test it against previous cases to see if it could have changed decisions.

I'm driving around the country today with family. Tomorrow just an easy day.

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