Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Internet and updates to projects

I finally got Internet now. It took three months to get it all done. Alice Internet is crap. I requested it 25th October. Then 10 days later received a letter/email that my service was canceled. No reason given. I called and they said it was the register of connections where my request wasn't listed. So they tried again. Some days passed and nothing happened. I called to be sure and they said they'd restart. Went on holiday for 3 weeks. Came back. Absolutely nothing, as if the request just died. They said they'd try again and I just gave up there. So I went with KPN Comfort or something.

They said they'd connect in 2 weeks, but this became 5 in total. After 2/3 weeks, you get a call to confirm a repair man to come around. Actually, all he does is check the signal on the box and if that's allright, he leaves. So not really any use there. The crap is that only after they ship the box with the modem, so you just wait a stupid amount of time before you are connected.

Anyway, it's done now and working. 650 Mb/s effective downstream. Some 12'th of that upstream. It's stable and has good service.

I've updated Project Dune at SF now and XssProtect at Google Code. Later on, I'll have to redeploy Project Dune because it requires Java6 and has a couple of fixes here and there. Then I'll need to figure out how to get the project more popular. Probably relates to creating complete deployments or shell scripts that can do this. I'm not tooo happy about izpack, because you can't install it on a headless machine. What's the best method to create installs for software on Linux?

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