Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wacom tablet

I just bought a Wacom tablet to also pay attention to a different kind of creativity. I never really drew anything in my life basically, but the computer helps a lot with imagery in many cases. This one is called "beauty", but then in Japanese :).

Well, as with all things, the first try isn't much of anything, but here you go. I have an incredible lot to learn about the art, graphics, how to use applications and so on.

One of the things I did start out with is a way to create fonts. I managed to create 5 characters and got them working, but then I dropped it because I didn't see much need further.

Other things in design that sound very interesting and that I will try out, probably in the order given:
  • Logo's
  • Image manipulation
  • Create paintings based on photo's
  • Actual drawing from scratch
So far, I have used "inkscape", "gimp" and "fontforge" as the tools of choice. InkScape is really cool and quite different from Gimp. It's dealing a lot with shapes where the Gimp deals more with pixels and photo manipulation.

I can recommend getting one of those drawing tablets. It's a lot of fun and the navigation on the computer feels totally different.


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