Sunday, April 01, 2007

More design work

These are two more designs I created with Wacom and some standard functionalities.
This is a modification of a fractal. I basically heavily embossed it and layered the result on top of the original. Then grayscaled part of the picture for a concrete effect and layered other images over it for a sort of glass like effect. As you can see, I don't master glass yet, which is why I started with the following image, one of an orb over a newspaper. That one looks much better.

This orb is produced solely under photoshop. It started with a simple sphere in a flat color, than I added an inner shadow effect to create some white at the bottom right (it should have more in the final image). Then another gradient in the middle, which was masked by a radial gradient. A hotspot in white at the top and then a selection of the initial orb that had a fill of black and transparency, which was scaled down to about 40% in height, slightly blurred and slightly moved to the right. The glasses and newspaper are from a photo. And the problem I run into obviously is not paying attention to the existing shadows in the picture :).


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