Monday, June 01, 2009

Arrival at Cancun

Well, we've arrived in Cancun, after an easy flight from MC to this place. We've had to wait just a little bit, but it's worth it if this is the place you're going:

King size bed, 16:9 TV, and a jacuzzi in the back there with a door that opens up to the swimming pool area right on the ground floor. Very, very nice all...

This whole trip is because we've been invited to a wedding party over here in Cancun. Jorge and Heidi are getting married in a couple of days and the entire party is slowly gathering to full strength, just under 40 people n total as I've heard today. The wedding itself will take place on the roof of the building, 5th floor. The roof has a glass railing, so standing there, the sea breeze goes through your hair and the sea greets you wave after wave with water that's probably been all over this world already. Just a couple of days away!

So, what's the beach like in Cancun? It's got what most beaches have... SAND! but of course, there are nice touches. Some thing I haven't seen are these types of chairs and complete setups:

These are really good things. It's a kind of mattress under a reed roof kind of thing with two chairs and a small table in the middle. There's about 15 of these or so around this area. Because of the swine flu, a lot of cancellations were made, so you're sure of a spot there every day. Oh, and of course, what's the view like on the other side? :)

Great huh? Water must be about 27 degrees, there are people walking around the entire time to serve food and drinks... And the room is just a stone-throw away if you prefer to get back to some airconditioning and cool off.

Tomorrow is probably jus going to be a lazy day, not sure if there will be another post then. There might just be a chance for us to see Chichen Itza some time this week, but that remains to be seen.

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