Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sunburn, easy day, dinner

Yesterday was a very beautiful, great day. It started with some easy time at the beach, then a lunch on the beach where they were serving barbeque, paella, etc. in an area with wooden benches and some protection from the sun. Then some time at the pool and near a caribbean restaurant. In the evening, the entire group went to a restaurant on this resort, which offered new-style mexican food. It means about 10 plates of little bites and tastes, where the plates change somewhat rapidly. This was great, it gave us an opportunity to meet some other people.

So, Heidi and Jorge invited family and friends from various parts of the US and from Brazil, Holland and the UK. I may have forgotten one there. Dinner was finished by going to the lounge bar, where some extravagant, really weird magic act was taking place. Today, we're going to Chichen Itza to see the temple and will be back in time for dinner and wedding rehearsals.

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