Saturday, October 14, 2006

Amsterdam Dock Lands

Just coming back from the Amsterdam Docklands at the moment. My uncle has a boat there and we visited for a short time. As you can see, "boat life" in Holland isn't that bad... We exchanged the craic of the last months I should say... and my uncle made a wonderful dinner.

Tomorrow, our plane is leaving for INDIA, so you may not hear from me for a few days due to new impressions and business to get our hotel sorted.

We are flying this time with Tyrolean Airways, also known as the company that produces "Dolle Pret In Het Tiroler Bed" and the company that now expanded to airlining to get more aliens inside Austria. We're flying through though, going onwards to Mumbai (India) and then get settled and fly through the country.

Soooo... I don't know my level of connectivity in that country. If all things are OK with net-cafe's etc.., I should be able to post a little bit. If not... I'm probably gonna have to post a resume of the Indian vacation back in London...



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