Sunday, October 08, 2006


Phew. Arrived in Paris on time after a flight from Recife directly to this capital. The flight was good because it left about midnight. After a full day's work you get quite tired, which is welcome for a boring old flight.

We got a hotel close to Opera, where you can find good-priced hotels with good facilities. Went to the St-Michel area for a small Greek dinner where the waiters perform some traditional Greek dances and customs. My dinner was traditional Moussaka.

The metro was already closed on the way back, so we walked back from St-Michel to Opera. The bed was quite wonderful after a long journey and walk.

Today I am already in London, traveled there by Eurostar connection. We'll have two meetings tomorrow morning and in the afternoon. Then to Cambridge on Tuesday and to Holland on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

what kind of beer is that ?

Gerard Toonstra said...

My big 0.5 litre one is a "Wieckse Witte", a kind of white beer.

The other one is "Affligem", a kind of beer (abbaye d'affligem) from Belgium:

Yup. great!. I am also a fan of Grimbergen e Leffe. But only once in a while, otherwise it loses it's special "touch".