Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cambridge & Schizo Drunks...

We went to Cambridge today to visit some family and friends. Saw the King's chapel again (worth a visit). Outside we took off to the market to some coffee place.

Just as we were walking back to the car, some drunk, schizofrenic guy came up to us and started harrassing. And he wouldn't leave... Until the point he started to pull my wife's arm... Then I jumped in and blocked him from there. He tried to veer around the group to try to get in front of everybody, but I veered along.

That's when I noticed he wasn't really "registered". The group went into a pub and I was still out on the street to give them some more time. He was about three heads smaller than me, but started to get really rude and calling me names and saying that he would not allow me to lie to his friends.... ooo.... kkk...

As I was just about to get into the same pub, he followed after me and started jabbing two really slow, soft punches with the force of a five year old (he was that drunk). I was carrying a bag in one hand and averted the punches with one arm. The pub owner came to the door and explained that he was gonna have to leave. When he was out, some people went to the car. Two minutes later we heard he followed one girl into the restroom and jabbed her there. So they called the police, but we left before the police arrived.

That's about the excitement that you get in Cambridge for a day... Quite different from assaults at gunpoint at a traffic light where they rob your car... oh well, better this way anyway!

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