Monday, October 02, 2006

Nephew Sietse & trip to India

Almost there. I'm going to travel this week to Holland to see my nephew Sietse for the first time. Has been more than half a year now since he was born, so about *** time... :)

When I was still sailing I set some travelling goals. 1 was visit India, that we are going to do in two weeks time. The time I have available is way too short, but still I believe I will get a couple of really interesting impressions. (the other goal was visit Moscow!)

The trips planned vary from Mumbai (arrival @ family) towards another city halfway to Delhi. Then visit Delhi, visit Taj Mahal, visit Jaipur, visit Goa and go back to Mumbai. We have some 17 days to do this trip.

So, that's the reason for leaving this blog a bit desolated. I'm trying to finish things up before taking off, but I'll try to post frequent pictures of the trip on this blog to accompany the trip. (subject to availability of pc bangs)

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