Friday, October 27, 2006

Jaipur Sightseeing

Well, one of the things to see is the Amber Fort in Jaipur. I have pictures all over the place.

If you compare the artwork to other pictures I have taken, there are minute differences in the kind of drawings, the colors and materials used. The archways that you find are also different. If an archway has an inverted V without embellishments, it is basically of old Moghul architecture, the Muslim kings also called Sjahs.

But if you see archways that have embellishments in a more circular inverted V, these are old Hindu buildings. The kings of Hindu's were called Maharaja's. There were quite a number of fights already that many years ago between Sjah's and Maharaja's.

Jaipur is a very interesting city. Some of the photo's may show a more desert-like scenery. Ethnically, Jaipur shows a lot more about older India than the other places. If you like shopping, I would recommend doing that here, because the experience itself is better and the kinds of things you can purchase here are also nicer than in other areas I have seen (if you are after beautiful / ethnic stuff that is ). I can't imagine wearing a turban or the traditional clothes at other times than Carnival in Brazil, so I left things where they were. Nevertheless, lots of shiny things in the clothes here, very fine silk, interesting colors and beautifully made. Some of it probably comes from factories, but some deal is hand-made.

Jaipur also has an observatory like Delhi. The most precise time-measuring equipment there can measure time up to 2 seconds, that is taking into account a certain correction.

We're slowly getting to the end of the trip as well. Jodhpur is still waiting for us (the blue city) and afterwards Udaipur. We'll do some sightseeing there too and will then return to Mumbai, London, Paris and Recife.


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