Thursday, October 12, 2006

Heemskerk Unlimited

We arrived at Heemskerk today, at my sister's place. The first time I have seen my nephew "Sietse". As you can see from the picture, he was not really scared of me and he's already getting a bit "strong" after seven months only.

We all went to a restaurant in Heemskerk called "Bij de buurvrouw", which means as much as "At the (female) neighbour". It's a stakehouse that I would sincerely recommend for good quality food and good drinks and ambience.

There was a bit of a walk back afterwards through cold Dutch weather, but that's normal. Nephew Sietse was covered in a good blanket with some warm clothes, no worries theregh.

All in all, good time. Tomorrow we'll visit more family in The Hague and probably find some other places. Not sure if any other entries come up tomorrow, may have to wait until India (yay).

Talking bout India... Our flights to and from India got cancelled (BMI flight has a broken plane, apparently), so we had to rebook on BA returning from Mumbai and on Tyrolean Airlines going from Amsterdam through Vienna. Always the same as I go travelling....

At least no drunks to fend off this time :)


Alan Kelon said...

Oh, Gerard, he is so cute! And also very smart! Look at the picture again. What was he doing? Of course! "Pedala, Robinho!" hehhee

Nice trip. Enjoy!

Gerard Toonstra said...

Hi Alan!

Maaaan... you won't believe how strong he is. Almost tore my hair out.